Daddy Cool The Musical

the new show based on the music of Boney M and Frank Farian productions

Daddy Cool is set in multi-cultural London, to the music of Boney M and other Frank Farian acts - No Mercy, Milli Vanilli, Eruption and La Bouche. It originally opened at the Shaftsbury Theatre London in September 2006, to rave reviews. Due to poor ticket sales the last perfomance was on Feb 17th 2007 and the show moved to Berlin opening on 24th April in the Boney M Theatre Palace, specially created for the show. It is rumoured that the show will be performed in Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Toronto culminating hopefully in New York during early 2008. A UK tour of the musical was planned, but due to a lack of interest, this was cancelled, which I think is a great shame as Daddy Cool is a fantastic musical. If Daddy Cool had been given the right promotion in the UK, then I think it could have run for a long time, just like the ABBA musical Mamma Mia as in my mind Boney M is the best disco act, and one of the best 70's pop / disco acts.

For Boney M fans this is a fantastic way to see the songs of Boney M re-interpreted in new upbeat and modern way. All the classic Boney M hits, Rivers Of Babylon, Mary's Boy Child, Brown Girl In The Ring, Mary's Boy Child, Rasputin, Ma Baker, Sunny, Daddy Cool are performed, with the exception of Belfast as this doesn't really fit in to the muscial.

Daddy Cool is about the story of Sunny, a young man who lives for his music. Caught up in a local rivalry between East and West London gangs, he meets and falls in love with Rose, daughter of the East EndŐs notorious club owner Ma Baker, and whoose son Benny is in the East London gang. Echoing Romeo and Juliet, the lovers' relationship fuels the hostility between the two gangs, leaving their families face to face with past secrets and forcing them to confront their future.

The show opens on young Sunny living in the caribbean islands with his Grandma Ella, who one day receives a letter from Sunny's mother Pearl in England, telling them that she wants him back home with her. Upon returning young Sunny is hostile towards her at first, but begins to feel his passion for music, bursting into song during a church service.

Years later, Sunny is part of the Subsonics, a music crew led by Shake. At a recording session with Rasputin, they run into The Blades, another music crew, led by Benny Baker, Ma Baker's son. Later at a launch party for Asia Blue, Benny's girlfriend, Sunny and Rose meet. When Ma Baker finds out her daughter is seeing Sunny, she goes to visit him, and gives him a coat once owned by his father, Johnny Cool. Upon asking his mother about it, Pearl explains how she was seeing Johnny Cool, that Ma Baker was Johnny's dance partner and Ma Baker took her away from her when she was pregnant with him.

In Act 2, after a music battle between the Subsonics and the Blades, Shake is shot by Benny, but when Sunny gets the opportunity to get revenge, he refuses to take it, instantly being disowned by the Subsonics, and afterwards breaks up with Rose. Rasputin tells him he should make it up with Rose, but he is arrested, and accused of shooting shake, due to Benny and Ma Baker setting him up. Sunny is subsequently seen in Belmarsh prison seeing Rose and makes it up with her.

As the Notting Hill carnival takes place, Shake, Rose, Asia, and Sunny (having been released from Belmarsh prison) appear. It is revealed that \ a member of the Blades (Naz - Benny's best friend) has given evidence against Benny over the shooting.

It was planned to relase a version of Mary's Boy Child performed by the cast, in December 2005, featuring a remix of the backing track from Boney M's recording in order to promote the musical but this was shelved, which is a pity as this would have made a great christmas single.