Greatest Hits

The Greatest Hits

Originally Released:2001
BMG 74321 879039

This is the UK re-release of the 1992 video Boney M. Gold - 20 Superhits and More on to DVD. The DVD's contains TV perfomances of Boney M's hit singles as well as the video for the 1992 single Boney M. Megamix. Unlike the Gold DVD, the tracks Kalimba De Luna & Nightflight To Venus are not included but along with the bonus features from the Gold DVD, there also further Boney M. videos, including Brown Girl In The Ring '93 & The Summer Megamix. A companion CD was released alongside the DVD containing some of Boney M's biggest hits.


1Rivers Of Babylon
2Daddy Cool
5Brown Girl In The Ring
6Ma Baker
7Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday
8Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord
9Painter Man
11No Women No Cry
12El Lute
13We Kill The World
14Baby Do You Wanna Bump
15Plantation Boy
16Still I'm Sad
17Gotta Go Home
18Happy Song
19Boney M. Mega Mix
Bonus Features:
1Boney M. in Moscow
3The Summer Megamix
4Brown Girl In The Ring (Remix'93)
5Ma Baker (Boney M. vs Sash Remix)
6Daddy Cool '99 (Boney M. feat Mobi-T