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Sing A Happy Song In The Land Of The Sunshine

In the summer of 1984, Tony Esposito releasd on single Kalimba De Luna, which came to the attention of Frank Farian, who decided to release a cover version as a Reggie Tsiboe single. On the single Frank Farian used the singers Amy & Elaine Goff to provide backing vocals. Frnak also shot a video to go with the single release. However his plans changed, and he released the single as a Boney M. one & shot a new video for the track. This single made it to 16 in the German charts.

Kalimba De Luna was the first Boney M. single to be given the remix treatment, being remixed by T.J. & O.G. from New York, with the club remix on side 1 & the dub mix on side 2 of the 12" record.

As a result of the success of Kalimba De Luna Frank Farian decided to record a cover version of Baby's Gang 1983 hit Happy Song as the follow up single to Kalimba De Luna,. For this Single Frank invited Bobby Farrell to return to Boney M, and also asked a group of children from a US Airforce Base school to appear on the single credited as the School Rebels, whom he chose to sing lead vocals along with Reggie Tsiboe. Marcia, Maizie & Liz had no vocal involvment in this track, the female vocals being sung by La Mama. Bobby Farrell sang a rap part during the song, which along with his rap part on Train to Skaville are the only parts he has sung on Boney M. recordings.

Frank shot a video to go with the single release in London, including in the video the iconic zebra crossing in Abbey Road, that was used as the cover to the Beatles album Abbey Road. Happy Song made #7 in the German top ten - their first for 4 years, and also their last.