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Help Help - one of the rarest Boney M. songs.

In 1976 Frank Farian released Boney M.'s first album Take The Heat Of Me. This album featured 8 tracks, and included their early hit singles Baby Do You Wanna Bump, Daddy Cool and Sunny. However due to track licensing, some countries had the track Baby Do You Wanna Bump replaced with the track Help Help. This track has become one of the hardest to find Boney M. tracks, only found on LP. It was due to make an appearence on the new 3cd set The Collection, but Frank Eberlein who compiled the CD set could not find the track in the SonyBMG archives.

Help Help was written by Frank Farian and Fred Jay and was originally recorded by another of Frank Farian's artisits - Gilla. She origanally recorded the song in German, under the title Ich Brenne (I'm Burning), and this became a hit in The Netherlands. She then re-recorded the song in English under the title Help Help, in order to help boost her popularity.

In 1975 Frank Farian released Baby Do You Wanna Bump as Boney M's first single, and in the UK it was released on the Creole label. However when it came to the release of Daddy Cool on single, Creole were not interested and Frank Farian licensed this track and subsequent Boney M releases to the Atlantic record label. This meant that in 1976 when he came to relase the album Take The Heat Off Me, he was unable to include Baby Do You Wanna Bump on the UK release of the album, due to the fact that Creole had the license to release this track in the UK. To get around this he went in to the recording studio and remixed Gilla's Help Helpmturning it in to a 6 minute track adding his own vocals, to give it more of a Boney M feel. He did not however replace Gilla's vocals with either Liz or Marcia's vocals.

It is interesting to note that when you listen to the Boney M version of Help Help parts of the track sound like New York City, and I suspect that Frank used part of the Help Help backing track to create the backing track for New York City.

Help Help was included on the Take The Heat Off Me LP in the following countries: UK, USA, Japan, Argentina and Taiwan - mainly those that had Boney M releases on the Atlantic label, or another owned by Warner Music.

According to information on the internet, Marcia Barrett sang this track live during Boney M.'s 1978 tour, I guess due to the fact that it was on some releases of Take The Heat Off Me, and considered to be a Boney M track.

Hopefully SonyBMG get hold of a master tape for Help Help and release it on CD, as I feel it is a track that forms an important part of Boney M's history. Perhaps SonyBMG could release Take The Heat Off Me on CD in a special edition with this track appearing as track 4 instead of Baby Do You Wanna Bump.