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The Best Of 10 Years - non stop digital remix.

Come 1986, Boney M. celebrated 10 years, and to celebrate Frank Farian produced the album The Best Of 10 Years. However rather than make a greatest hits album with full versions of Boney M. songs he decided to use the non stop format developed by the German easy listening maestro James Last.

James Last had this idea of putting the hits of the day on to 1 LP. He soon realised though that it would be difficult to put 20-25 songs of 3 minutes or so in length on 1 LP, so, to get round this, he re-arranged the songs so that they could fit on to an LP. Most songs ended up with a length of around 1 minute 30. James Last also thought it would be good to join all the tracks together, rather like in a disco, and thus the Non Stop album was born.

When Frank came to create the album he decided it would be good to remix the tracks as well, so he added extra rhythms parts to give a slighty different feel to each track. All the classics Boney M tracks appeared on the album, roughly lasting for for 1 minute 40 with no gaps between them. He also created a medley, B.M. A GoGo (Medley) to showcase some less well known tracks including New York City, Bye Bye Bluebird, Gloria Can You Waddle. The only big hit not to appear on the album was Mary's Boy Child.

When designing the cover art this release different photos of Boney M where used, the German cover featured Marcia, Maizie, Liz, Bobby and Reggie but on the UK cover Reggie was missing. This was due to the fact that in the UK the classic Boney M lineup is Marcia, Maizie, Liz and Bobby. In order to promote the album a German TV Special was recorded called "10 Jahre Boney M" (10 Years of Boney M), featuring Marcia, Liz, Maizie, Bobby and Reggie, celebrating 10 years of the group. This special lasted for about 27 minutes and featured songs from the album. Marcia, Liz and Maizie were seen in the opening scenes arriving in a Limosuine driven by Reggie, and then welcomed in to a house by Bobby, had their coats taken from them, and then invited in to a room full of party guests, all here to celebrate 10 years of Boney M. To celebrate Reggie bought out a cake to and Bobby cracked open the champagne. Then Boney M started performing songs from their career - No Women No Cry, Brown Girl, Daddy Cool, Sunny, Ma Baker, Painter Man, Gotta Go Home, Rasputin, Rivers Of Babylon, and many more.

This CD has not yet been re-released by SonyBMG and although it is an interesting CD in the life of Boney M. I do not think it needs to be re-released as the CD does not showcase the full version of the songs on the album, just short excerpts.