Fantastic Boney M.

Fantastic Boney M.
on Stage & On The Road

Originally Released:2007
Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697 15564 9

This DVD release from 2007 features Boney M live in concert in the CCH concert hall in Hamburg, and the 1981 TV special A Sound Goes Around The World.

Unlike other DVD's the concert is a live performance, and all 4 members of Boney M are singing live, thus you get to hear what Boney M. sounded like on stage, and contrary to what some of the critics said, Boney M. had a fantastic stage presence. The TV special is from 1981, and was orignally shown on TV as part of the launch of the Boonoonoonoos album, and features many of the songs from the album, along with Boney M. singing with Rita Marley.


On Stage - Live In Concert 1977 CCH Hambug, Germany.
2Love For Sale
3Take The Heat Off Me
4Baby Do You Wanna Bump?
5Daddy Cool
6When I Need You
9Still I'm Sad
10No Women No Cry
11Ma Baker
On The Road - Visiting Jamaica 1981
12A Sound Goes Around The World